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Get Ready for 4/20: Increase Efficiency & Productivity With These Time-Saving Feature Enhancements


Since ushering in adult-use in California, the annual 4/20 holiday promises to be one of the industry’s biggest retail days ever. In preparation for the masses, we’re excited to announce a variety of new features to help you work faster and provide your customers with an even better shopping experience.   Sell Treez Enhancements Since Continue Reading

Introducing: 5 New Features to Radically Improve Your Workflow with Treez


With the new year comes new regulations, and with that, a whole new set of obstacles in remaining compliant. With this in mind, we’ve been working around the clock to bring you a pile of new features that will not only radically improve the way you run your business but will also ensure you’re remaining Continue Reading

Treez CEO John Yang Talks Retail Cannabis and Tech with Marijuana Retail Report


A few days before the company’s big showing at the MJBizCon, Treez CEO John Yang sat down with the Marijuana Retail Report for an extensive interview about how his small business experience combined with years as an Accenture consultant in creating Treez; the pain points Treez solves for the cannabis industry; and how dispensaries are serving thousands of customers per day with Treez POS software. Continue Reading