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Managing Excise Expectations: How ‘Distributor Type’ Effects Excise Tax Calculations at Checkout


So, here’s the deal. In California, there are two main types of distributors “arm’s length” and “non-arm’s length”. For the majority of retailers, you’ll be working exclusively with arm’s length distributors, which makes calculating excise tax pretty simple. However, for those retailers who hold a distribution license—and distribute product to your own retail operation (i.e. Continue Reading

How Treez is Helping Retailers Implement California’s Utopian Vision of Cannabis Taxes [Part 2]


Setting the Bar Higher: Excise Tax Management On New Year’s Eve, the team at Treez took our first step towards becoming the industry leader in excise tax management by converting every one of our stand-alone retailers’ price and cost structure to have the arm’s length excise tax baked into their pricing. While the rest of the Continue Reading

Why Enforcing California’s Cannabis Excise Tax is Proving Harder Than Expected [Part 1]


 “If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.” ― Tom Peters January 1st will go down in history as a pivotal moment in the proliferation of legal cannabis across the globe. It will also be remembered as being a terribly clumsy period where everyone on both sides, industry, and regulators, just did their best. The Continue Reading