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Treez is an enterprise-grade, business management platform. We serve the vertical market from farmers to brands to retailers with our Point of Sale, Integrated Payments, Grow and Data software solutions.

Treez Corporate Headquarters in Oakland, CA

Founded to operationalize the demands of running a compliant, high-volume retailer, Treez unites all front of house, back of house, point of sale and business analytics functions into a single, all-encompassing platform — giving life to a dynamic retail management software system, designed exclusively for the modern operator. Initially launched in California as a standalone Point of Sale system, Treez has evolved to become the gold standard in retail management software — powering over 33% of California.
While Treez retail operators are equipped with the most powerful and intuitive point of sale and inventory management platform available today, we didn’t stop there. Our goal has never been to simply solve ground-level problems. We built Treez with the intention to modernize commerce, automate compliance, actualize integrated payments, and arm our operators with the real-time data insights necessary to maximize earning potential and grow their business exponentially.

Treez eliminates the need for operators to spend valuable time and energy on handling mundane details or worrying about the day-to-day. We take the guesswork out of running a profitable business by redefining traceability, supporting transparent payment processing, and revolutionizing the way brands and retailers interact.
Treez is the epicenter of the most complex and demanding legal market in the country, empowering operators with industry-leading compliance and scalability tools.

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