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Treez connects brands & retailers to the most accurate, insightful, and real-time market trend analytics available in Cannabis today — helping to minimize stock-outs, drive more profitable ordering decisions, and optimize customer retention levels.

For Brands:

For Retailers:

Data On-Demand

  • Ensure your best selling products are always in-stock by tracking inventory levels and sell-through rates across all of your retail partners
  • Sell more by identifying which products are selling quickly and avoiding stockouts
  • Optimize product assortment by region, zip code, size, price point, and more
  • – Optimize product assortment by region, size, price point, and more
  • Expand more intelligently based on granular demographic and average order value insights
  • Boost market penetration by understanding how you stack up against the competition

Reorder Inventory on Time

  • Arm your operation with real time feedback on shifting market dynamics
  • Order more strategically with real-time insights on top products, sizes, and brands in your area
  • Simplify product pricing by leveraging pricing trends per sales channel and zip code
  • Design your product mix to target customers with the most purchasing power
  • Improve repeat business with recommended reorder quantities and days remaining
  • Streamline reordering by automatically sharing inventory levels with brands

Treez is the epicenter of the most complex and demanding legal market in the country, empowering operators with industry-leading compliance and scalability tools.
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