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Brand Treez

Updated by brands but built for retailers, the Brand Treez universal product catalog pumps high-quality brand-generated content directly into the SellTreez platform — improving brand recognition, driving more sales, and eliminating the hours spent on product content management.

Built for:

  • Brands, Retailers, & Consumers

Content Drives Conversions

  • As a brand, you create your product content, ensuring your collection is always represented exactly as intended.
  • As a retailer, you import high-quality content directly into your POS from a universal product catalog — no more manual entry required.
  • As a budtender, you’re equipped with product details you need to make the right recommendations.
  • As a consumer, you can make informed and predictable purchases of your favorite products

Clean & Robust Data

  • Enables real-time product level visibility across the entire market
  • Avoid duplicate product listings or inconsistent menu listings by eliminating manual entry in your retail POS
  • Increase brand loyalty by making sure your products contain consistent images, ingredients, descriptions, and effects across all menus your customers browse