Brand Treez

Updated by brands but built for retailers, the Brand Treez universal product catalog pumps high-quality brand-generated content directly into the SellTreez platform — improving brand recognition, driving more sales, and eliminating the hours spent on product content management.


Built for:

  • Brands, Retailers, & Consumers

Content Drives Conversions

  • As a brand, you create your product content, ensuring your collection is always represented exactly as intended.
  • As a retailer, you import high-quality content directly into your POS from a universal product catalog — no more manual entry required.
  • As a budtender, you’re equipped with product details you need to make the right recommendations.
  • As a consumer, you can make informed and predictable purchases of your favorite products

Clean & Robust Data

  • Enables real-time product level visibility across the entire market
  • Avoid duplicate product listings or inconsistent menu listings by eliminating manual entry in your retail POS
  • Increase brand loyalty by making sure your products contain consistent images, ingredients, descriptions, and effects across all menus your customers browse

Treez is the epicenter of the most complex and demanding legal market in the country, empowering operators with industry-leading compliance and scalability tools.

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