Brand Treez

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Today’s system isn’t working. Brands need their products correctly represented. Distributors need accurate, real-time reports. Dispensaries want more automation and less manual work.Enter BrandTreez. This revolutionary new industry catalog allows you to control your brand, get instant reports, and reduce your workload. Accurately display and easily update your product listings to customers at all of your retailers. Welcome to the future of cannabis supply chain management.

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Control the Content

  • As a brand you take control of your product content, and make sure the end consumers see the product how you intended. Add attributes, descriptions, and images that help you put your best foot forward. 
  • As a retailer, you pull this content down from the catalog and your days of manual entry and updates are over. 
  • As a budtender, you are equipped with product details you need to make the right recommendations. 
  • As a consumer browsing products, you’ll always get all the detail you need to order what you want and get what you expect. 

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Clean & Robust Data

  • As a brand you enable visibility in to how your product performs across the market. 
  • As a retailer, you avoid duplicates and inconsistent product names by eliminating manual data entry. 

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Built for:

Brands, Retailers, & Consumers

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