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Trusted by the industry’s leading retailers, Sell Treez is the only scalable cannabis POS that’s capable of growing with your business. Reduce employee headcount, offer integrated online payments, and revolutionize your customer experience with a point of sale solution that’s light years ahead of your competition.

Built for:

  • Retailers, Delivery Businesses, and Vertical Businesses with Retail

Full Flexibility

  • Flexible customer check-in, order processing, and inventory management
  • Runs on PC, Mac, Elo devices, or whatever hardware works best for you
  • Customizable inventory locations mirror the physical workings of your store
  • Segment inventory by medical or recreational status, fulfillment type, or sales channel

Robust Fulfillment Engine

  • Process in-store, express, pick up, and delivery orders from a centralized dashboard
  • Pack and fulfill thousands of tickets a day while reducing overhead
  • Trigger automatic text messages, customized by order channel

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Empower your employees with customer recommendations, previous purchases, and automated discounts
  • Provide customers with all the details they need through with rich product details and engaging front facing displays

Automated Compliance

  • Built-in tools safeguard you from selling over state-specific purchase limits
  • Collect dynamic taxes based on product type, customer classification, and delivery destinations
  • Report sales in real-time to your state tracking system (METRC)
  • Insulate your business from track-and-trace outages with our proprietary TraceTreez automation layer

Treez is the epicenter of the most complex and demanding legal market in the country, empowering operators with industry-leading compliance and scalability tools.

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