Treez Pay

The first and only fully integrated cannabis payments software is here. Taking debit & online payments through Treez has proven to skyrocket Average Ticket Values, eliminate dual entry errors, and create a seamless customer experience. 

Built for:

  • Retailers, Delivery Businesses, and Vertical Businesses with Retail

Integrated Cashless ATM Payments

  • Increase average ticket values by more than 30%
  • Eliminate manual entry and cash discrepancies
  • Automatic nightly batching sent directly to your bank account
  • Reduce insurance liability of on-site ATM

Mobile Payment Terminals

  • Take debit cards on delivery
  • Accelerate curbside pick up
  • Enable payments from anywhere on the sales floor

Enable Digital Payments

  • Modernized cannabis eCommerce with integrated online payments
  • Deliver more confidently with pay-up-front order functionality
  • Secure a competitive advantage over neighboring cash-only shops
  • Collect digital payment at the point of sale

Track & Audit Payments

  • Report on sales by payment type to better inform your business strategy
  • Close out shifts and end of day totals in seconds with integrated cash handling
  • Track adoption, improve loyalty, and understand customer behavior
  • Streamline bookkeeping and alleviate accounting headaches

Treez is the epicenter of the most complex and demanding legal market in the country, empowering operators with industry-leading compliance and scalability tools.

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