The nation’s fastest growing cannabis retail platform with best-in-class Point-of-Sale, Integrated Payments, Data Insights,
and 24/7 Support.


The nation’s fastest growing cannabis retail platform with best-in-class Point-of-Sale, Integrated Payments, Data Insights,
and 24/7 Support.


The nation’s fastest growing cannabis retail platform with best-in-class Point-of-Sale, Integrated Payments, Data Insights,
and 24/7 Support.


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Sell Treez

Trusted by the industry’s leading retailers, Sell Treez is the only scalable cannabis POS that’s capable of growing with your business. Reduce employee headcount, offer integrated online payments, and revolutionize your customer experience with a point of sale solution that’s light years ahead of your competition.

Built for:

  • Retailers, Delivery Businesses, and Vertical Businesses with Retail

Full Flexibility

  • Flexible customer check-in, order processing, and inventory management
  • Runs on PC, Mac, Elo devices, or whatever hardware works best for you
  • Customizable inventory locations mirror the physical workings of your store
  • Segment inventory by medical or recreational status, fulfillment type, or sales channel

Robust Fulfillment Engine

  • Process in-store, express, pick up, and delivery orders from a centralized dashboard
  • Capture orders from all eCommerce marketplaces and fulfill them from a single place
  • Pack and fulfill thousands of tickets a day while reducing overhead
  • Trigger automatic text messages, customized by order channel

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Empower your employees with customer recommendations, previous purchases, and automated discounts
  • Provide customers with all the details they need through with rich product details and engaging front facing displays

Automated Compliance

  • Built-in tools safeguard you from selling over state-specific purchase limits
  • Collect dynamic taxes based on product type, customer classification, and delivery destinations
  • Report sales in real-time to your state tracking system (METRC)
  • Insulate your business from track-and-trace outages with our proprietary TraceTreez automation layer

Treez Pay

The first and only fully integrated cannabis payments software is here. Taking debit & online payments through Treez has proven to skyrocket Average Ticket Values, eliminate dual entry errors, and create a seamless customer experience. 

Built for:

  • Retailers, Delivery Businesses, and Vertical Businesses with Retail

Integrated Cashless ATM Payments

  • Increase average ticket values by more than 30%
  • Eliminate manual entry and cash discrepancies
  • Automatic nightly batching sent directly to your bank account
  • Reduce insurance liability of on-site ATM

Mobile Payment Terminals

  • Take debit cards on delivery
  • Accelerate curbside pick up
  • Enable payments from anywhere on the sales floor

Enable Digital Payments

  • Modernized cannabis eCommerce with integrated online payments
  • Deliver more confidently with pay-up-front order functionality
  • Secure a competitive advantage over neighboring cash-only shops
  • Collect digital payment at the point of sale

Track & Audit Payments

  • Report on sales by payment type to better inform your business strategy
  • Close out shifts and end of day totals in seconds with integrated cash handling
  • Track adoption, improve loyalty, and understand customer behavior
  • Streamline bookkeeping and alleviate accounting headaches

Ask Treez

Treez connects brands & retailers to the most accurate, insightful, and real-time market trend analytics available in Cannabis today — helping to minimize stock-outs, drive more profitable ordering decisions, and optimize customer retention levels.

Build For Brands

Built For Retailers

Data On-Demand

  • Ensure your best selling products are always in-stock by tracking inventory levels and sell-through rates across all of your retail partners
  • Sell more by identifying which products are selling quickly and avoiding stockouts
  • Optimize product assortment by region, zip code, size, price point, and more
  • Expand more intelligently based on granular demographic and average order value insights
  • Boost market penetration by understanding how you stack up against the competition

Reorder Inventory on Time

  • Arm your operation with real time feedback on shifting market dynamics
  • Order more strategically with real-time insights on top products, sizes, and brands in your area
  • Simplify product pricing by leveraging pricing trends per sales channel and zip code
  • Design your product mix to target customers with the most purchasing power
  • Improve repeat business with recommended reorder quantities and days remaining
  • Streamline reordering by automatically sharing inventory levels with brands

  • Brand Treez

    Updated by brands but built for retailers, the Brand Treez universal product catalog pumps high-quality brand-generated content directly into the SellTreez platform — improving brand recognition, driving more sales, and eliminating the hours spent on product content management.


    Built for:

    • Brands, Retailers, & Consumers

    Content Drives Conversions

    • As a brand, you create your product content, ensuring your collection is always represented exactly as intended.
    • As a retailer, you import high-quality content directly into your POS from a universal product catalog — no more manual entry required.
    • As a budtender, you’re equipped with product details you need to make the right recommendations.
    • As a consumer, you can make informed and predictable purchases of your favorite products

    Clean & Consistent Data

    • Enables real-time product level visibility across the entire market
    • Avoid duplicate product listings or inconsistent menu listings by eliminating manual entry in your retail POS
    • Increase brand loyalty by making sure your products contain consistent images, ingredients, descriptions, and effects across all menus your customers browse

    Treez APIs

    Explore our 100+ partnerships to find any solution your business will ever need. Want to build your own solution? Plug into our Treez API to capture the granular data you need to solve any problem.

    Built for:

    • Retailers, Partners, & Developers

    Enter the Ecosystem

    • Plug-in to robust, two-way integrations with popular loyalty, route management, and eCommerce providers
    • Explore 100+ additional partners to make sure you’re running with the best set of tools

    Customize Your Tech Stack

    • Build on top of industry-leading APIs to customize Treez to meet your exact needs
    • Customer, product, and ticket APIs enable custom eCommerce experiences that you control
    • Leverage inventory APIs and webhooks for ice cream truck delivery models, ERP integrations, and more

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